ICMA 2020

Program concept

Do you want to know how to deal with the reality of the music profession after COVID-19? Do you want to be a versatile, up-to-date, well-paid classical musician? Maybe you want to start an independent career, or play in the world’s best orchestras, but you’re not sure how to go about it.

“The International Chamber Music Academy is a ground-breaking new proposal for the professional education of musicians.”

Jan Regulski, Philharmonia Orchestra

We invite all musicians interested in developing their professional skills to take part. Unique prizes will be awarded to the best participants: for individuals, a 3-day trip to London with an opportunity to play in the world-famous Philharmonia Orchestra. For ensembles, a professional demo session, creation of a portfolio, artistic residencies at the House of Creative Work in Radziejowice, and a paid professional debut on a festival stage.

Academy participants

Individual participation is available in the following instrument categories: violin, viola, cello, flute, oboe, clarinet, bassoon, french horn, trumpet, trombone and tuba.
The main ensemble categories are: string quartet, wind quintet & brass quintet. The organisers are also open to considering other types of ensembles.

In the case of individuals, qualified participants will be assigned to ensembles according to their technical and musical standard.

Dates and place of the event

7-13 December 2020, House of Creative Work in Radziejowice.

Structure of the Academy’s schedule

The Academy will include daily activities in small chamber ensembles, as well as chamber orchestra (for string players) and/or larger ensembles (for winds and brass). Each participant is guaranteed 5 lessons (1.5h) in a chamber ensemble and 5 lessons (1.5h) as part of an orchestral ensemble. Additionally, all participants will have the opportunity to take part in 2 concerts, performing chamber music together with the Academy’s lecturers.

All Academy participants will take part in additional lectures on music market, career planning, creating an offer and a portfolio, and career counselling.

Academy Awards

Special prizes will be awarded during the International Chamber Music Academy 2020, both in the individual category and in the ensemble category.

Main prize for individual or ensemble: A maximum of 5 people, selected by the tutors during the session, will receive an award in the form of a 3-day trip to London. The prize may be awarded to an entire ensemble, selected players, and/or to individual participants.

The trip includes:
– Active participation in a Philharmonia Orchestra rehearsal, playing an official concert programme side-by-side with Philharmonia members.

– Attending a rehearsal and concert of the Philharmonia Orchestra

– Developing contacts with the London musical and academic community

– Flights, meals and accommodation for award winners

Main prize for ensembles: professional demo recording session, photo session and creation of a concert offer.

Invitations for 3 ensembles to an Artistic Residency at the House of Creative Work in Radziejowice. The Residency will include 4 days with paid meals and accommodation, a dedicated work space, and a minimum of one concert with audience to showcase results.

One group will receive a special invitation from the Director of the House of Creative Work in Radziejowice, to perform at a classical music festival in a paid, professional debut.

Artistic program

The artistic program will be developed by the organizers in consultation with the participants, once the recruitment is completed.

The objective of the International Chamber Music Academy is to develop and enrich performance skills and knowledge in chamber music in the most comprehensive way. A list of appropriate chamber works to be studied during the Academy will be drawn up, according to the number and quality of selected qualified candidates. The organisers will also be open to repertoire suggestions from Academy participants.